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Working with Fiberglass "SAFETY" is Important !!

Always work in a well ventilated area. Resins, hardeners, and solvents are flammable and toxic. MEK60 is impact sensitive. Some people are ' especially sensitive to any and all components. Avoid excessive skin contact. Avoid inhaling concentrated fumes. Wash well and keep skin clean from these chemicals. chemicals follow manufacturers instructions. DO NOT SMOKE or have open flame around when working with fiberglass chemicals. Select an appropriate work area. Protect furniture, floors and other surfaces from spills and spatters {.o prevent permanent damage from these substances. Remember that the fibers of the fiberglass are irritants and commonly cause skin itching and irritation. When sanding, use a barrier cream or gloves, protective clothing and sanding mask and clothing and careful clean up methods as you work.

Fiberglass is just that, GLASS, and it will cut if you are not careful. When you sand, cut or trim anything made from fiberglass keep in mind that it can be as sharp as anything known to man.