Short video about building wooden Star45 radio controlled sailing model
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S45 Model Boat construction | Sail Control Units

installing the radio tray for an under deck winch, jib tweaker, and rudder servo. From John Fisher:

The radio tray is 1/16 ply backed up with 1/8 X 3/8 spruce or basswood. Note the glassing at the ends. This adds a lot of strength to the joint and John highly recommend adding it. John uses 1" wide glass tape cut in half, then sprayed with 3M77 so it will stay in place for gluing. Then a dab of your favorite epoxy and you are done.

sheet through deck mount.

jib tweaker turn around. The part is a 180 deg sheet lead from great basin.

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From: David Ramos To:
Sent: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 10:23 am
The following photos show my set up for a drum servo and jib tweaker.

One major advantage of building from a fiberglass hull is the open space inside the hull. David Ramos offers workmanship second to none.

Dave Mainwaring

Main sheet is 2:1 and jib sheet is 1:1

Hope this helps
David Ramos
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