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A sample of one builder's standing rigging fittings bill of materials


Main Boom kit #100L
Jib boom kit #102
Gooseneck/kicking strap #112
Head fitting #120
Turnbuckle (2 pk) #260 Need 4 total
Tangs (4 pk) #282 4 is all you need
Bowsies(10 pk) #199
KDH single block #250 Two each
Sheet Hooks (20 pk) #280

Of course there’s many things that can be substituted.

Instead of wooden or arrow shaft booms, airplane clips instead of the turnbuckles and so on.

From: "Robert Gonzalez"
Subject: Re: Rig Parts for Star 45
Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 1:17 PM

I ordered both size head cranes - I think the smaller one is ok, but I'm not
sure. Woody has one and is bent more at 90 degrees since according to the rules
the crane is included in the 70" mast height.

I also ordered the 1/2" mast head and foot inserts. They don't fit the new masts without being sanded down some.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for an adjustable foot. I ordered the Sail Etc
deck track and adjustable mount. Mine has popped out on Woody more than once.
Don (at Great Basin) doesn't offer many choices for these parts.

I need some more Pekabe fairleads if I run the rigging under the deck and if not
then Woody has three blocks on deck - using the bungee method.

I got the side stay racks this time and the jib rack - not sure I'll use them or

Quick release turnbuckles are nice. At $10 ea - they're kind of high dollar
but easy to use. Don>>the KDH quick release turnbuckles are 2 to a package for 10.90.