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Fiberglassing materials -- vacuum baging etc

Breather fabric is a lightweight, polyester blanket that provides excellent air passage within the vacuum envelope while it absorbs excess epoxy.
60" wide x 2.7 yd, 60" wide x 10 yd. 60" wide x 200 yd rolls:

Release Fabric is a tough, finely woven nylon fabric treated with a release agent. It is used to separate the absorber, breather and vacuum bag from the laminate in vacuum bagging operations. Excess epoxy bleeds through and is peeled from the cured laminate along with the release fabric. Peels easily and leaves a smooth textured surface, ready for bonding or finishing. 60" wide x 2 yd,. 60" wide x 10 yd rolls

Vacuum Bag Film is a Clear, heat-stabilized, modified nylon resin film, tough, stretchable film for high vacuum pressures. 60" wide x 2 yd, 60" wide x 10 yd,60" wide x 20 yd. 60" wide x 333 yd rolls:

Vacuum Bag Sealant; a mastic tape sealant for airtight seals between vacuum bags and molds. Easy to work with around difficult angles, patching small leaks in the system. 1/2" wide x 25' rolls:

Techniques Book on Vacuum Bagging, West System publishes this definitive guide to the principles and application of vacuum bagging techniques for laminating composite materials
with epoxy.

Fiberglass Mat is a Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat, Offers great conformability with low cost.

Veil Mat 0.09 oz/sq ft

Fiberglass Mat, 3/4 oz/sq ft, 1.5 oz/sq ft, 2.0 oz/sq ft

Fiberglass Cloth 4-, 6- and 10-oz per square yard.

Dynel Fabric is a popular laminate fabric with great abrasion resistance used for museum-quality restoration work on wooden boats. It's strong and supple like a true woven fabric, with no fibers to irritate your skin.
Size Weight, 5 oz

Carbon Fiber lightweight, strong composite can strengthen any project while adding minimal weight.
Plain Weave 5.8 oz
Twill Weave 5.8 oz
Unidirectional 9 oz

Carbon Fiber Tape a unidirectional reinforcing tapes are used
to improve tensile strength and stiffness in one direction with minimal weight.


You can learn a lot about boat building by reading catalogs for example:
Many of the same materials are also used in model boat building.

The Jamestown site has several links to model builders, AMYA and other organizations