Short video about building wooden Star45 radio controlled sailing model
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attaching sails

figure-8 cross section shaped sail slides one half of which that slides into the bolt-rope track, while the other half protrudes to hold a jackwire just aft of the after centerline of the mast.  One brand that seems to fit many masts is:  High Seas Offshore Rigging Components – Mini Double Copper Sleeves, Size A2, 2 mm ID  (MDS-BK-A2/100).  They are available online from deep sea fishing suppliers.  The sail then swivels on the jack wire and doesn’t stream aft for a distance like the bolt rope arrangement, making the mast appear fatter to the oncoming wind, and thereby reducing form drag and upping sail efficiency.  Sail lifetimes are greatly extended when the sail sits on the wire rather than being point loaded a discrete “bead” sewing locations.
Rod Carr, Carr Sails