Short video about building wooden Star45 radio controlled sailing model
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downloadable files for cutting laser shadows (aka, frames, bulkheads)

Here is another set of downloadable files for Star 45 shadows (aka templates, bulkheads). They reside on my site:

You can use your browser, go to select the files you want and they will download to your machine. BTW, only the single stringer files are available from
John Fisher provided the CAD files for laser cutting frames. These frames are trimmed based on 1/16 thick planking.

Contact John Fisher to obtain custom DXF and PDF files and to report any issues with the files. email John racer577 at (remove the space between 7 and at, change at to @, and remove the space between at and citystar)
Most laser plotters used to cut materials require either DXF files or DWG files

DXF files are CAD vector data - plotter files that instruct a device to "start here" then put the (pen, knife) down and "move to, go to"...
Select dxf or dwg based the file type used by your laser cutter.

A CAD viewer or CAD application is required to view the contents. When you download some file types you may see "words" not pictures since these are files with machine commands.